What is Bubbles Galore?

 Bubbles Galore offers a variety of natural handmade soaps, scrubs, bubble bath and more. You can choose from Honey, Lavender or Shea butter soap with a variety of different scents. Bubbles Galore stands for so much more than just a soap company, we strive to bring a smile to our customers face every time a package is delivered. Washing your body couldn't have become so much fun! When you purchase an item from Bubbles Galore, know that every soap you receive was handmade with love from us to you.

Soap benefits

Charcoal soap: Plant-based soap that detoxifies the pores & is an amazing face cleanser

Turmeric/goats milk soap: Moisturizing soap that helps with the removal of dark marks & acne

Honey soap: Antibacterial soap that is full of antioxidants which is good for wrinkles and acne

Lavender soap: Moisturizing soap that provides calming effects. It also contains antibacterial properties which aides in acne treatment

Shea butter soap: A moisturizing soap that has natural antibacterial properties. Shea butter soap is gentle enough for all skin types including eczema

Aloe soap: Antibacterial soap that helps relieves the effects of sunburn & moisturizes the skin